Knight Tall Memory Foam Backrest Cushion

Color: Black

The Knight Back Cushion by Castle.

"Imagination Is King."

Greetings, People of The Realm!

We would like to offer aid in your quest for the right back rest cushion accessory. Fortify your back with the Knight Memory Foam Backrest! This backrest is fit for the throne of a Queen or King (yes even royalty suffers from lower back pain). Whether you rule your kingdom from a throne forged from the weapons of your enemies, flying 40,000 feet above on a commercial airliner, or from an office chair stationed at your command center, the Knight buttresses any seat with style.

This backrest is an able back protector warding off all manner of back afflictions and dark magic. Deluxe, 70D medium density memory foam never forgets to support your every need. Knight is perfect for home, office, and travel: an adjustable, extendable strap ensures a secure fit to any seat. 100% polyester outer cover, white mesh inner shell, and quality memory foam help the Knight weather the passing of ages. Machine washable zipper removable cover keeps things fresh enabling you to erase stains, sweat, spills, and other mishaps.


  • Best for Folks Who Enjoy a Less Firm Density memory Foam That Responds to the Shape of Your Back.
  • SOFT Memory Foam Pillow That Focuses the Lower Back While Still Providing Comfort Throughout.
  • Orthopedic and Ergonomic Design to Promote Healthy Back Posture.
  • Weights 2.0 lbs and is 15 inches x 18 inches With At Least 5 inches of Padding.
  • Fully Machine Washable with a Removable Zipper, 100% Vegan Polyester Cover, and Memory Foam Insert.
  • Adjustable Strap Holds Back Rest In Place - Strap Extension for Wider Chairs Included.
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If there's ever anything wrong with your purchase let us know! You can also return it up to 30 days after purchase for a 100% money-back guarantee.

We are a small business based in Oregon, USA. We are honored to provide comfort and longevity to all kingdom dwellers from the humble common folk, to the mightiest queens and kings, and even the 🧙‍♀️ witches and 🧙 wizards hiding away in mysterious forest realms. If you find something amiss with our leather goods or other crafts, or simply want to say hi, we are always just a chat message or email away.

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