Courtyard by Castle - Leatherette Desk Blotter Office Mat


The Courtyard Desk Mat by Castle

“Imagination is King”

Greetings, People of The Realm!

We would like to offer aid in your quest to find the right desk mat. Defend yourself from the roaming, rancorous barbarian hoards of the digital realm with an enclosed Courtyard. The modern office worker must ensure their defense is up to snuff and prepared for small and witty slights alike when hunkered at their desks!

The Courtyard Leatherette Desk Mat is the perfect fortification to back up any and all mouse movements, whether political, strategic, or casual. From the nonslip base to the heavy-duty stitching, the Courtyard is built to solidify the steady rule of your mousing hand for years to come. Our quality PU material is resistant to wear and tear, stains, sweat, spills, and any other potential desktop casualty. No matter who stakes a claim on your title, the Courtyard will help you fend them off.

This desk pad comes with a rubber slip-resistant base, heavy stitching, and a soft plush surface for optimal mouse usage. The surface area is 36 by 17 inches, providing enough room for accurate swiping, but also small enough to leave plenty of room for the rest of your desktop weapons. We offer two versions of the Courtyard Leatherette Desk Mat: a no-logo version for the minimalist Kingdom dweller as well as version that features our signature embossed logo for those wishing for a little extra flair.


  • Defend Your Digital Empire with the Support of this Leather Desk Pad
  • Quality PU Leather Material Feels Ultra-Soft and Is Easy to Clean
  • Measures 36 x 17 inches, Providing Optimal Desk Surface Coverage
  • Premium Quality and All-Black Minimalist Design Looks Great in Any Workspace
  • Small Business Located in Oregon, USA
  • Packaging Made from 93% Recycled Material

If there's ever anything wrong with your purchase let us know! You can also return it up to 30 days after purchase for a 100% money-back guarantee

We are a small business based in Oregon, USA. We are honored to provide comfort and longevity to all kingdom dwellers from the humble common folk, to the mightiest queens and kings, and even the 🧙‍♀️ witches and 🧙 wizards hiding away in mysterious forest realms. If you find something amiss with our leather goods or other crafts, or simply want to say hi, we are always just a chat message or email away.

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