Our quest began in Eugene, Oregon in the year 2017 when a couple of peasants were given the task of being not only new and full of life, but also different and aware of frequent pitfalls and shortcomings. This experience beget  some accumulation of wisdom. Upon heeding the instruction of wise wizards, here’s some principals we’ve settled on and uphold to do just that:

Creativity. Doing things differently is part and parcel of who we are. We want to go beyond the staleness and old ways of doing things. It is evident many companies have fallen into a state of simply going through the motions. We may be quirky, but you won’t catch us falling in line.

Wellness. Poor posture, back pain, and musculoskeletal injuries like carpal tunnel are just a few of the trimmings that come with the modern lifestyle. Being in front of a screen all day can even leave you feeling tired even though you’ve been plonked on your cakes all day. Through our products we want to help relieve some of these stresses and help chair dwellers assume a more mindful approach.

Iterative Design. Listening to customers is extremely important to us. We are aware of the significance of each feedback loop that is created when we launch a new Castle offering. Reviews, emails, and sealed wax letters delivered by rider are all read and considered before making a change to one of our products.

Sanctuary. We believe the home office and gaming room is a bastion of reliability. Like a merry inn that is the sole light in the darkness, it is the best place to unwind at the end of a workday or a difficult journey. We want to make that one place even better.

Permanence. A broken sword or shield on the battlefield is no small matter. Much deliberation and hard work goes into the creation of each product. Persistent study of the old archive tomes leads us to discoveries of new spells, potions, and battle tactics. By incorporating new methods and continuously improving, we aim to provide only the finest wares.

Allow us the opportunity to adventure with you throughout the realm, and in return we will always carry your burdens.

🏰 Castle 🏰
✨ Imagination is King.